Onion Tank

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Service and Installations just got way easier.  Slow water pressure wasting your delivery team’s time.  With an Onion Tank you can start filling their tub the moment you are onsite (We even drop the tank off to client’s the night before in some cases, so it is full when we arrive.)  If your team uses these tanks in conjunction with a high flow sump pump a fill can be 5-10 minutes!
These tanks also save you time & money when you need to drain a tub to service it, as you can use your high flow sump pump to drain the client’s tub into the Onion tank, do your repair and then port the same water back into the repaired spa!  No more “free" start up chemicals, or filters because the client had to start with new water and the fix was under warranty!  
  • Tri-layer super durable construction: PVC/Mesh/PVC for durable tear resistance.
  • 2000 L (520 US Gal) Capacity
  • Folds up neatly for easy storage
All service van should have one!


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