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1.1 Why Spaboy Water Care System

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1.2 Connect to internet using the Built-In Wifi for 2020 Custom spas


1.3 Replace an Onzen/ Spaboy Electrode


1.4 Spa School- Core series

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1.5 Spa School- Classic Series


1.6 Spa School- Custom Series


1.7 How to drain your Arctic Spa


2 Spa School Orientation
2.1 Operate your spa on topside - Custom 2020

If your tub is one of the following models

Ocean / Okanagan 

Fox / Cub / Yukon / Frontier / Summit / Summit XL / Tundra / Kodiak / Klondiker 

2.2 Operate your spa on topside - Classic 2020

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If your tub is one the following models

AWP - Wolverine / Kingfisher / Hudson / Athabascan

McKinley / Mustang / Totem / Eagle / Timberwolf

2.3 Operate your spa on topside - Core 2020

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If your tub is one the following models

Grizzly / Orca / Aurora / Husky / Otter

2.4 Operate your spa on your devices using App
2.5 How to determine a filtration cycle for your need?

Factory recommended default setting for filtration cycle is 1 hour x 4 times per day for average use.

If you use your spa more often or if there is a higher than usual bather load (usage) then you may find that you need to increase the amount of time that you filter your water.  You can do this by either increasing the number of filter cycles per day or the duration of each filter cycle.  

For instance if you are having hot tub party.  It is recommended that you increase the filtration to 2 hours X 4 times during during your event and  for the next two days. (And you may need to change your filter after very heavy use, like a party or you could use a "rescue bag" for such events.)

If your water has gone cloudy or foamy, then you can even increase the filtration for 24 hr/day, as this will filter out suspended particles in the water and it will also run the OZONE system which will oxidize contaminants out of the water.  Once your water is clear, return your settings back to default 1 hour x 4 times per day.

Special Note:  

  1. Arctic Spas are designed with advanced Free Heat technology to greatly reduce power consumption by using heat generated from pumps.  Even on low circulation speed, pumps generate a fair amount of heat. By design, we allow this "free heat" to heat your  tub a degree or two above your temperature set point, so that when you open your spa and the temperature starts to drop, you do not have to turn on the main heater, thus it saves you money.
  2. Filtering more, will generate more "free heat" and is the summer time this might overheat your tub, so you may want to adjust the temperature down 2 to 3 degrees lower than your normal temperature set point. 



3 Salt Water Sanitizing System- Onzen and SpaBoy
3.1 What is onzen exactly?

Onzen is an all-natural, salt-water softening and maintenance system.

What does it do?

• Softens water
• Clarifies water
• Breaks down contaminants with ozone, automatically• Adds back up sanitizing agents, automatically.

What are the benefits?

• Makes skin feel soft and smooth
• Makes water look sparkling clean
• Reduces contact with harsh chemicals
• Dramatically reduces time and money needed to maintain spa water • Reduces impact to the environment

- fewer trips to the spa store for supplies
- less packaging wasted on chemical containers
- less industrial waste produced making spa chemicals

How does it work?

• Natural mineral sea salt blend is added to water when spa is filled • Ozone continuously breaks down contaminants in the water

- Unique hybrid ozone technology makes more ozone without corrosion • Sanitizing agents are produced and mixed with water, automatically
• Output is easily controlled to suit very low to very high use

How is it better than other salt systems?

• Combines ozone and salt electrolysis into one system.

  • Ozone is generated using hybrid ozone technology which produces ozone without corrosion.

  • Salt electrodes are long lasting Titanium, not fragile graphite, for extra durability.

  • Sanitizer cell does not require flow, which saves energy and prevents overheating.

  • Wider range of acceptable salt level for easier set up.

  • User can easily check sanitizer cell function by looking at water (bubbles indicate function).

  • Onzen salt blend is made from genuine Dead Sea salt, which is famous for its therapeutic qualities.

3.2 pH is low, what are the risks?

The most immediate effect is felt by users as the water will sting their eyes, nasal passages and will dry out skin and hair, causing itching. Acidic, low pH water corrodes metal surfaces and tub accessories such as jets, headrests and any metals in your pumps, filters or heaters. Low pH water will cause etching and deterioration of plaster, grout, stone, concrete and tiling. Any plastic and vinyl surfaces will also become brittle, which increases risk of cracks and tears. All of these dissolved minerals will hold in the solution of your tub water; which can result in staining and cloudy pool waste.

Damages caused by unbalanced water will be warrantied.

3.3 How to change an Onzen cell ( Electrode)

Video walkthrough for changing Onzen cell:

3.4 How to change a SpaBoy cell ( Electrode)

Video walkthrough for changing SpaBoy cell:

3.5 How long does the Onzen cell last?

It is recommended to be changed every year.

An electrode can last 6 - 18 months depending on usage. Maintain your spa water balanced at all-times; preventing pH and Calcium Hardness is especially important.

It is recommended to use "Salt Cell Cleaner" to help and prolong the life of the cell.

3.6 How long does SpaBoy cell cartridge last? REVISE

The SpaBoy Electrode should be replaced every 12 – 18 months. The App also shows a “BATTERY” displaying the amount of life left in the SpaBoy Salt Cell.

When the Battery turns yellow, the average remaining life on the cell is 2 months. It is time to purchase a new one. Change your cell when the Battery turns red ASAP. If you delay changing for a new battery, can't be avoid, for temporary rescue, we recommend to add Boost ( a capful after every use).


Video walkthrough: 

3.7 How often do we need to change the filters?
  • Most Arctic spas use Silver Sentinel Threaded Base filters, depending on the usage, they need to get changed every 3-4 Months. 
  • With the new progressive filters on the 2020 Custom spas, the new technology will allow you to only need to change the filters every 5-6 months; you can find the status on your app to determine filter change. 


3.8 How often do I need to drain and fill my tub?

Arctic Spas operated in salt sanitizing system do NOT require frequent drain and refill. But it is good idea to start fresh once a year. 


3.9 How do I prepare for a drain and fill?

For best result, using "Fresh Start" in your water before draining is highly recommended.

  • Simply add 8oz of Fresh Start into your tub, then turn Pumps on high for one hour with the lid open. Drain it afterwards. 
  • Video walkthrough: 
  • Find more info on Owner's Manual Page 108
3.10 High level of pH and alkalinity. Will it damage my spa? What should I do?
  • PH neutral level is 7.5

The ideal level is from 7.3-7.8 ( shown as green on the app)

We often talk about a slightly higher range, which is 7.9-8.1 ( Yellow on the app), usually in this range adding 1/2 to 1 capful of Salt Water Balancer and keeping Pump 1 running for 20 mins with the lid open should balance it. 

  • Caution!! If PH is 8.2 above ( Red on the app)

If your skin is sensitive, you may feel uncomfortable in the water. A high pH level can be caused by several factors, the main culprits being additional chlorine stabilizers and sudden increases in temperature. In addition, high pH runs a risk with your chlorine, as your chlorine will no longer disinfect fully. There are also physical consequences of high pH for users. Red irritable eyes, dry skin and premature wear and tear of jets and fittings on the tub, goggles and bathing suits are often indicative of a high pH level.  Parts and fitting damages caused by unbalanced water will not be warrantied. Therefore, it is important to maintain your water chemistry balanced. 


  1. Add 2 capfuls (for each square that is above the ideal level on the test strip) of Salt Water Balance into the water.
  2. Turn on  Pump 1 for 20 minutes with the lid open and then retest the PH level two hours later. 
  3. Add more if needed
  4. Email [email protected] for help 
3.11 My alkalinity is ok but my pH is high (7.9-8.1)?

Add 1 capful of Salt Water Balance into the water, run Pump 1 for 20 minutes with the lid open and then retest it. The ideal level of pH is 7.3-7.8

3.12 My alkalinity is low and my pH is high 8.2 or above?

Firstly, add 2 caps(60g) of Perfect Balance and run Pump 1 for 20 minutes with the lid open, this step is to bring the alkalinity up, retest alkalinity after an hour. 

Secondly, add 3 caps full(90g) of Salt Water Balance and run Pump 1 for 20 minutes with the lid open, this step is to bring PH down, retest PH after an hour.

  • Important : Do not add the two chemicals at the same time, the alkalinity has to be treated first. 
  • The ideal PH level is between 7.3-7.8.The ideal alkalinity level is between 80-120. 
  • Email [email protected] for more help.
3.13 I have a SpaBoy, what do I do if pH remains low ( below 6.5 ) on the app for over 24 hours after use?

Depending on the size of your tub and water capacity, add between a half to 1 capful of Perfect Balance and run Pump 1 for 20 minutes with the lid open. Retest it after an hour.

3.14 My Chlorine(Cl) is low?

1. If you have just finished using the tub per usual with your family, it is normal for your Cl reading to be slightly low. Your system should automatically turn on to produce more Cl for you. You generally don't have to do anything. We do recommend boosting your Onzen or SpaBoy at your topside control or MyArctic App after each use to keep your water sparkling clean. 

2. Depending on your usage, any higher usage listed below may require more attention: 

  • If you hosted a party
  • Invited your friends who are new hot tub users 
  • During the summer seasons where everyone uses sunscreen products/ hair products / skincare products etc.

PS. Washing your bathing suit in regular laundry soap is NOT recommended!

        For these instances, immediately add a capful of Boost into the water after use and keep Pump 1 running for 20-30 mins with the lid open.

   3. If your Cl remains very low even after boosting SpaBoy/Onzen and adding Boost:

Test your salt water using salt level test strips and add salt accordingly. Find "Salt Dose Guidance Table" in Owners Manual Page #106.

  • Boost your Onzen or SpaBoy and check the amount of air bubbles coming out of the cell. If the amount is greatly reduced that indicates the Onzen or SpaBoy cell ( Electro Cartridge) is due to replace. A new cell can be purchased online. You can choose to replace the cell by yourself or request service call if you need help, call out fee and travel charge will apply.
3.15 My alkalinity is high/ pH > 8.2 / ORP 600-650

First, test the pH and alkalinity and send in the results to us.

There are 2 options based on the reading on your test strip. You must choose one option at the time, DO NOT use both. Consult us if you need help. 

1. Based on your test strip reading and the size of your tub, add in ACID Magic (Caution: handle with care, no spills or direct contact with skin as it is acid!). Retest the water using test strip afterwards.

  • The amount is roughly 18mL per 10ppm but less for a Fox
  • 24mL per 10ppm for a Cub
  • 27mL per 10ppm for Yukon 
  • 28mL per 10ppm for Summit or 8ft size tub
  • 102mL per 10ppm for Ocean and other All-Weather Pools

2. Add 2 capfuls of Salt Water Balancer (for each square above the ideal level on the test strip). Run Pump 1 for 20 minutes with the lid open, retest the pH afterwards.

3.16 Why is my water cloudy? What Can I do to clear it?

Cloudy or milky swimming pool water is caused by seven main issues: improper levels of chlorine, imbalanced pH and alkalinity, very high calcium hardness (CH) levels, faulty or clogged filter, early stages of algae, ammonia, and debris.

This article will cover the seven main ways to clear that cloudy water and get your healthy pool back.

6 Ways to Clear Cloudy Spa Water

  1. Balance free chlorine (FC) and pH levels.
  2. Eliminate ammonia.
  3. Get rid of young algae.
  4. Correct calcium hardness (CH) levels.
  5. Backwash filter or replace filtering agent.
  6. Remove foreign particles and mineral deposits, scrub, and vacuum up the spa.

How can I treat it?

Step 1: Test your pH and Chlorine level Increase filter cycle for a day, if it doesn't clear the water then go to the next step

Step 2: Rescue treatment 

  1. Remove your filters and check if they are clean. DO NOT leave them in the tub during this process. 
  2. Add Easy Clear based on the suggested dose and run Pump 1 on high for 20 minutes with the lid open.
  3. Scoop out foam and bubbles by using a spa skimmer (spa net) , or if you happen to have a Dry/Wet shop vac at home, you can vacuum out the floating foam and bubbles on the surface. 
  4. Put your filters back in, and increase filter cycle from default setting for next day, change new filters if needed.
3.17 What causes foamy Spa water?

Foamy hot tub water can happen from time to time and is something that can be easily managed. Generally the foam is not harmful and just a build-up of products and Total Dissolved Solids in the water. Things such as drinks, soap, laundry detergent, deodorant, makeup, cosmetics, hair products, body lotions or oils, shampoo and conditioners can cause foamy hot tub water.

Treat foamy water, you can

  1. Add Foam Dissolver based on the suggested dose suggested on the bottle and turn on Pump 1 on high speed for minimum 20 minutes with the lid open. 
  2. Increase filter cycle for a day or two till it dissolves. If not, check your filters again, change filters if needed.
  3. Consider the level of contamination, a drain and fill to start fresh is a better solution instead having to battle with the water and chemicals.
4 Portable Salt Sanitizing System- Saltron Mini
4.1 I have been using Chlorine and Bromine, how can I convert my tub to a Salt tub?

Super easy! 

All you need is purchase Saltron Mini and a Saltron Mini start up kit online. 

Saltron mini is 110v plug-in play portable Chlorine generator, it takes less than 5mins to install, you may need a extension cord if you don't have one near your tub. 



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